Through special government incentives on commercial solar projects, API will make sure companies receive the right governmental support based on each company’s unique situation. Incentives include: federal and state tax rebates, NYSERDA installation incentives and SRECs, and more.

High ROI

Through API’s customized design, we make sure our clients achieve the highest return on investment. We always maximize the use of available rooftop space, and in some cases, companies can sell any extra electricity produced through the solar system back to their utility company, by installing a two-way meter that enables the building owner to send electricity back to the grid.

Building Community

Today, social corporate responsibility is a big focus. The use of solar energy is a sustainable solution to the energy challenges of today. Not only do solar energy systems generate energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions, but by installing solar, your company is taking responsibility to mitigate and manage its full range of social and environmental impacts.

Financial incentives

Within the past 5 years the cost of solar has gone down dramatically due to technological innovations along with federal and state backing. API will secure all available financial and tax incentive programs to secure your solar project return. We advise all clients review their specific finances with their accountant.

Our Process

Step 01

Schedule Solar Consultation

The first step to “going solar” is to evaluate your needs. Our professional sales representatives will walk you through the ins-and-outs of solar in order to show you how much you can expect to save on your electric bill and which financing method best suits your needs. You will be asked to provide a copies of your most recent electricity bills.

Step 02

Proposal and Financing

Whether you opt for a no-money-down Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a cash purchase, a loan from one of our financing partners, or a loan through your own bank, we will walk you through the numbers and our turn-key process. Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll explore the most suitable financing options for your needs.

Step 03

Engineering and Permitting

Once the contract is signed, we will finalize the design and file for all applicable permits. You will need to sign and notarize forms if applicable.

Step 04

Schedule Construction Start Date

Once all permits have been approved and issued, we will order equipment for your installation and schedule a construction start date.

Step 05

System Commissioning & Inspections

After the installation is complete, we will oversee applicable inspections required to approve your solar system. Once your system receives permission to operate (PTO), you are ready to start producing clean and cost-effective energy.

Future Compliance

In NYC, as required by Local Laws 92/94, all new constructions and new roofs must implement a solar system or a green roof. As NYC heads towards a greener future, compliance will too. Why not get a head start?

Behind the Meter

Behind-the-meter systems directly power the buildings on which they are installed. These include solar systems you typically find on industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, gas stations, and residential homes. Contact us if you own any of the above and pay over $100 per month for electricity!

In Front of the Meter

Front-of-the-meter systems provide energy to off-site locations. These systems are typically larger in size and installed on plots of land. If you own a landfill, brownfield, or an empty lot, contact us to understand how to further monetize your real estate for years to come!

The system works exactly as they described it would. This company’s honesty is the main reason why I chose to go green with them.

Jeff L. | Valued Residential Customer

Over the last five years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Accord Power on more than a dozen innovative solar and storage projects in New York City, primarily on multifamily affordable housing. Their team is organized, communicative, and solution-oriented. Whether it’s a straightforward ballasted installation or a rooftop canopy with an energy storage system, they always go the extra mile and get the job done right. 

Noah Ginsburg, Executive Director, NYSEIA (formerly of Solar One)

The team was excellent, they walk the extra mile to make sure everything was completed correctly, work with me to accommodate any extras or not extras!! Thank you, Melida

Melida M. | Valued Residential Customer

Accord Power made going solar seem effortless. They responded to all of my questions very quickly and made me feel confident in the process. There was a personal touch every time I had to talk to someone at this company!

Daniel S. | Valued Residential Customer

Accord Power was highly professional throughout the process. They helped me understand every aspect of my system and guided me to the best solution. I would recommend going solar with them because of their honesty and expertise!

Carmen D. | Valued Customer

Start the Conversation

Thinking about solar? Allow us to assess your electricity usage and tailor a solar (and storage) solution for you, all without any commitments. You’ll quickly find out if solar is right for your business or home. Please let us know more about your objectives by filling out the form and one of our professionals will contact you with more details.